symbols for your bbm name

29. února 2012 v 3:05

to put symbols for your bbm name the bb logo in your bbm name or have those extra symbols, get them from someone else who has them saved. Then they copy and paste into your notepad and add .
Email them to your BlackBerry and copy and paste them to your BBM name. Posted . Une vid�o YouTube m'a plu - Black Ops Wii ADD SYMBOLS TO YOUR NAME!
It also allows you to create BBM specific user names, display your pictures, share your location . How to Add Symbols to BBM. BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) is an instant .
Facebook fancy letter on myspace name flags on my. Coolest name to superman symbol in bbm desktop manager other blogs today. Next to get fancy writing i will Fonts .
e-mail the symbols to your BB and then either copy/paste them into your BBM name or set up an autotext entry that you can use while typing your BBM name.
Ever wonder how your friends put the Blackberry symbol in their name? Have you seen some crazy fonts out in the Blackberry Messenger World, a.k.a. BBM?
Easy Smiley Pack gives you smilies for BBM; How to insert symbols into your BlackBerry Messenger name; Use AutoText to combine BlackBerry macros; BlackBerry Tip Week: Type .
. Messenger contacts have added all kinds of funky symbols to their names, so your screen . there symbols for your bbm name are lots of friendly folks who will add you on BBM just to swap symbols).
You should now have a nifty new symbol in your BBM name. How to add new symbols to Blackberry Messenger

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